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International Mail

When you need to send fast international mail quickly and cost-effectively, at PACK & SEND we can provide you with a complete solution to meet your needs. We can send your packages and documents to almost any address in the world. If you want to send international mail today then we provide a range of international options including international business services, so there is always a suitable option for your international mailing requirements.

International Parcel Mail

When you need to send fast international mail, our international parcel mail service offers a simple solution. This is suitable for items up to a maximum of 20kg and one metre in length, and with a maximum value of £200. Items valued over £200 should be sent through our International Express Courier service.

For sending international parcels, this service normally takes between seven and twelve days to deliver your item to its destination anywhere in the world. It is ideal for the secure mailing of products like books, CDs, clothes, videos and gifts.

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International Letter Mail

This is one of our specialist mail services which provides a convenient option if you are sending printed matter overseas. Our Letter Mail service is useful for sending annual shareholder reports, magazines or carrying out a direct mail marketing campaign. We can send any types of documents, whether you require business or personal deliveries, and this secure mailing service is available whether you need to send one item or thousands.

Complete End-to-End Mail Service

As well as sending your mail overseas, we also provide a complete end-to-end mail service including photocopying, printing, folding, inserting, addressing and posting of your mail. This is part of our international business services, and allows you to focus on what you do best whilst leaving the entire mailing process to us.

Urgent International Parcels

If you want to send quick international packages, our International Express Parcel Courier service is a good option. This urgent courier delivery service is typically used for more valuable items over £200, and we can deliver to over 80,000 destinations around the world.

The overseas business delivery service includes processing, transit, customs clearance (excluding government charges and taxes) and delivery to the door. Tracking and signed delivery are also provided for added security and peace of mind.

Urgent International Documents

If you need an urgent delivery of a document to anywhere in the world then our fast international mail service will meet your needs. This is useful for items such as tenders, artwork, banking, legal documents, promotional material and business correspondence where a quick delivery is essential.

For peace of mind, we also provide tracking and signed delivery for all of your urgent international mail, and we can mail to virtually anywhere in the world.

Send Your International Mail with PACK & SEND

If you need to arrange a fast international business mail, we have the solution for you. Don’t forget that we also provide international packing solutions for awkward and valuable items, and we can provide complete cover for the items being shipped to provide you with peace of mind.

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