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Shipping Lithium Batteries Safely

Send Lithium Batteries Abroad Safely and Securely

If you need to ship products with lithium batteries internationally, at PACK & SEND we can help you to package your deliveries securely and ensure that they are compliant with regulations wherever you are sending them.

For your deliveries of shipments with lithium batteries overseas be they laptops, mobile phones or more specialist equipment, trust us to get your packages to their destination without the risk of problems arising whether you operate in the medical, high-tech, data processing, laboratory or broadcasting industries.

Strict Regulations when You Transport Lithium Batteries Abroad

When you deliver lithium batteries internationally you should be aware of the various regulations that have been put in place on these shipments.

The reason why there are so many restrictions in place is because lithium batteries can contain high levels of energy and if they short circuit during transit they can produce lots of heat. If they are damaged then the chemical components can catch fire, and this obviously has serious safety implications.

When you transport lithium batteries overseas, they are often classified as hazardous materials so it is very important that they are packaged and labelled correctly. Indeed, many carriers will not accept them without strict inspections.

At PACK & SEND we can help you out with your lithium battery powered item deliveries anywhere in the world to ensure that your packages are safe and meet all international requirements.

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Ship Lithium Battery Powered Equipment Overseas: Packaging Tips

There are two main types of lithium batteries: lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries, which are rechargeable; and lithium metal batteries, which are non-rechargeable. There are different requirements for different batteries, and you are responsible for making sure that your batteries are packaged correctly and that they comply with regulations.

A few general things to remember when you send lithium batteries globally include:

• When sending loose batteries, make sure that you cover the terminals of the batteries with electrical tape or insulating caps
• Internal protection is usually required for your batteries to stop them from making contact with metal objects or other batteries.
• Wrap the lithium batteries individually by using a plastic bag or bubble wrap.
• If the batteries are inside an item then make sure that the item cannot turn on during transit.
• Use secure packaging to prevent the batteries from moving and to avoid crushing.
• Never ship damaged or recalled batteries.
• Avoid packing lithium batteries with metal items.
• Make sure that the batteries are labelled correctly according to the latest regulations and the requirements of the country to which you are exporting the batteries.

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Let Us Do the Packing for You

Better to be safe! If you are unsure about the regulations and packing requirements when you deliver lithium batteries overseas then at PACK & SEND we can help you to avoid any problems.

We provide a complete packaging service for lithium batteries and associated products and other complex shipments, and we are aware of all the latest requirements for deliveries of lithium batteries internationally so we can help you to avoid any delays and problems with your deliveries.

A Complete Service for All Deliveries of Lithium Batteries

At PACK & SEND we can provide you with a complete service for lithium batteries whether you are sending a single battery or a large consignment. At the same time we can provide you with packaging and secure delivery for your other electronic equipment including computers, laptops, servers and more.

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