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The Best Places to Move to Avoid Brexit Bickering

Friday, 19 July 2019

The seemingly never-ending Brexit debate has become pretty tiring over the last months and years. It’s got us wondering where would be the best place in the world to emigrate to get away from it all is. Now there are many competing cities all over the world, so how did we choose?

Work out the best place to move toWe researched ten data points across four key areas that we thought would be important to British people looking to move abroad. This data covers 105 of the world’s major cities. We then standardised it to ensure the data could be accurately compared and averaged each point to give every city an overall score.

Now, rightly or wrongly, one aspect that people abroad associate with the British is our love of beer. That’s why we included the price of a pint when creating our index of the best and worst cities around the world to move to avoid Brexit. We thought it would be a useful tongue in cheek counterpart to all the other serious data points. Who knows, maybe it could even act as a tiebreaker…

Of the places on our list, Vietnam came out top when it comes to cheap pints, with Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City taking the first and second spots respectively. With a burgeoning craft beer scene, Vietnamese lager is definitely one to keep an eye on.

At the other end of the scale, Qatar’s capital Doha has the most expensive beer. When you consider that Qatar is an Islamic country with a 100 percent alcohol tax, maybe this is not surprising.

Despite this, you wouldn’t move abroad just for the beer (or at least we hope not). When all our data points are considered, these are the cities that fared the best based in our research.

  1. Sydney

Recognisable around the world for its iconic Opera House, Australia’s most populous city (but not its capital, trivia fans) comes out fifth in our list. One of the most multicultural cities in the world, Sydney is visually stunning – with the harbour, golden beaches and national parks all ringing the city. Its beauty is more than just skin deep though, with Sydney ranking highly across the wellbeing and ease of integration categories.

  1. Wellington

New Zealand’s capital city comes in at number four. Wellington is the world’s most southerly capital and also its windiest. This shouldn’t put off expats considering it, however. Wellington combines a vibrant city experience with some of the New Zealand scenery made famous by films including Lord of the Rings and Avatar. Wellington’s impressive scores across the wellbeing, home life and ease of integration areas make it a worthy contender in our index.

  1. Adelaide

Winning the bronze medal is South Australia’s cosmopolitan capital. Known as the City of Churches for its diversity of faiths, Adelaide is one of the few Australian cities without a convict history. World-famous wine country and award-winning restaurants make it a gastronomic hotspot. Adelaide’s feel of a large country town rather than a bustling city no doubt helps it score highly for quality of life across our home life and wellbeing categories.

  1. Brisbane

The riverside capital of Australia’s Sunshine State takes the runner-up spot on our list. Brisbane is famous for its museums, art galleries and for the diversity of outdoor activities on its doorstep. As well as its sunshine, of course. Sometimes unfairly disparaged by other Australians as “BrisVegas” due to its boldness and neighbouring seaside casinos, our scores show this is simply jealousy – Brisbane ranks highly across all areas, particularly for the wellbeing and social life categories.

  1. Perth

The nearest major city might be over 1,300 miles away, but that hasn’t stopped Perth from claiming top spot on our list. Western Australia’s up-and-coming capital boasts extensive parks and beaches, and a skyline that rivals anywhere in the world. If you choose to emigrate to Perth, you won’t be short of company, with around 40% of the population being born outside Australia. You may even make your fortune too, with more self-made millionaires per capita than any other city in the world. When it comes to our categories, Perth scores consistently well across all our areas, leading to its overall number one ranking.

To see the full data for every city please visit the index here:


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