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PACK & SEND offers specialist services for packing antiques of all shapes and sizes.

We have many years of experience working with all kinds of fragile goods like antiques and collectables all over the world. Our bespoke services are designed to make sure that the goods travel securely so that they remain in perfect condition throughout transit.

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Specialist Packing for Antiques: Boxes, Cases & Crates

PACK & SEND provide a complete service when it comes to the packing of antiques. We make bespoke boxes, cases and crates for our shipments. Some items should always be packed in a wooden crate or case to ensure they survive shipment. We have highly trained UK staff to help advice on the type of packing that will be required,

Tailor-Made Wooden Crates

Being specialists in packing antiques is one of our key services at PACK & SEND. At our service centres, we have the facilities to build custom wooden crates using either medium density fibreboard, plywood or oriented strand board, the material depends on the job.

Wooden crates provide additional protection for shipments. This also makes larger shipments of antiques or more fragile pieces more rigid. This protection will give you peace of mind when shipping fragile, awkward or valuable antiques or collectables.

In our service centres, we do also have a large range of corrugated cartons and boxes available. These all vary in board strengths, to make sure they meet the packaging and protection needs of your item whilst in transit.

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Custom-Made Boxes and Cartons

When it comes to specialist packing of antiques, PACK & SEND provide complete security for your fragile deliveries. Whilst we do have a wide range of pre-made boxes, if we don’t have a box that meets the requirements needed for your job, we can custom make one. We can make a one-off corrugated carton or box to a specified size and strength, and all of our cartons are glued and taped at the seams to provide additional strength in the freight environment during shipping

Try Our Foam-In-Place System

Another service we provide at PACK & SEND is our unique Foam-In-Place system. This state-of-the-art packaging system is ideal for antique dealers and collectors who need to send goods abroad.

Using this involves a safe, non-reactive material being injected into a carton or crate to form a contoured cradle around the item. As a result of this, your valuable item rides in a thick, contoured cushion of aerated foam, providing excellent protection against shocks, vibrations and compaction for your goods in transit.

Our wall-mounted injection cradle is flexible enough to mean that any item of any size or shape can be protected using this protective art packaging technique. As well as this, the ultra-lightweight of Foam-In-Place packaging means that your freight and shipping costs are kept to a minimum.

Vintage Record Player in Safe Packing

Can you safely pack my antiques for safe shipping?

PACK & SEND service centres are equipped with expert packers who have been trained to safely pack your antiques to survive shipment anywhere in the world! With a range of packing options like custom boxes and bespoke crates made especially for your antique, there is nothing we can’t pack! Our unique foam in place packing solution will ensure the safe delivery of even the most delicate items.

Do you offer loss or damage cover for antique shipments?

At PACK & SEND we offer comprehensive loss and damage cover for all antique shipments regardless of their value. This cover does only apply to goods that have been packed and shipped by PACK & SEND and cannot be offered as a product for goods that are being shipped by a third party. Contact your nearest PACK & SEND service centre to find out how they can organise this for your shipment.


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