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Cover your IT and Electronic Equipment against loss or damage whilst in transit.

PACK & SEND recognise that the value of electronic, IT, laboratory or medical equipment goes way beyond the actual cost of the equipment itself. The value is very much in the use the equipment is to be put.

Whilst our export packing and cushioning techniques are of a very high standard we also recognise that you may wish to have that extra peace of mind that comes from putting cover in place against the unlikely loss or damage of your items.

PACK & SEND’s loss or damage protection cover is available should you wish and we can put cover in place for any piece of electronic, IT, medical or laboratory equipment whilst in transit regardless of its value, fragility or sensitivity.

When you are shipping IT and electronic equipment internationally or across Europe that extra peace of mind provided through our loss or damage cover is a useful addition to your shipment.

To find out more about our loss and damage protection for your IT and laptops contact your nearest PACK & SEND store