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Next Day Delivery

PACK & SEND have a range of both UK, international and European next day delivery services for those shipments that must be there within a tight time frame. So if you have a time critical shipment or parcel that needs to be delivered overnight you can take advantage of our competitive rates without the need to open a business account with us.

Overnight Priority Express to the UK, Europe and Internationally

This is a time definite service whereby we can deliver your parcel or shipment to major metropolitan areas within the UK, Europe and to some international destinations before 9.00am, 10.00am or 12.00am the following day.

Ideal for urgent document deliveries, product samples, or legal paper deliveries the service can also accommodate later shipments of up to 1000kgs in weight.

Overnight Standard to the UK, Europe and Internationally

This is a non-time definite service whereby delivery will take place the day following collection and can be arranged for your UK deliveries, European Deliveries and some international deliveries.

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