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Specialist IT Shipping

Shipping IT equipment internationally requires special care and in certain instances specialist transport. Whether you have a single laptop or imac or an entire server suite that requires packing and shipping at PACK & SEND our broad range of international shipping services along with our high quality export packing means we will ensure your equipment arrive on time and in one piece.

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International Air Express shipping to avoid down time

When shipping server units and other IT equipment from one data centre to another we recognise that in some cases the length of time that the equipment is being transported and therefore unused, is an important consideration and then many such shipments are time critical.

At PACK & SEND our international air express shipping service is designed to ensure that your IT equipment reaches its destination in the quickest way possible and is a day definite service. We can also provide time definite services for those shipments that are extremely time sensitive.

We will arrange collection, export packing, express air shipment, customs clearance and delivery to the door in 80,000 international destinations – all to minimise the amount of time your equipment is in transit.

Atmospheric and Static Control

For equipment that is highly sensitive to changes in atmospheric conditions or the build up of static electricity we have specialist export packing materials that will ensure a stable atmosphere or protection from the build up of static whilst your IT equipment is shipped internationally.

Highly Sensitive Equipment

Some IT or electronic equipment can be of a highly sensitive nature where the slightest vibration can cause problems. The use of air ride suspension vehicles means that even the most sensitive of equipment will be transported in the most gentlest of environments or the use of dedicated vehicles for point-to-point international delivery can be used to provide a totally dedicated service.

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Where can you deliver my IT and electronic equipment to?

As long as your IT and electronic equipment has been safely packaged, we can send it anywhere in the world. If collection is required, we can collect goods from anywhere in the UK. Alternatively, if your IT & electronic equipment is outside of the UK, we can advise on how to safely pack them for safe delivery.

Do you offer loss or damage cover for IT and electronic equipment shipments?

At PACK & SEND we offer comprehensive loss and damage cover for all shipments of IT and electronics regardless of their value. This cover does only apply to goods that have been packed and shipped by PACK & SEND and cannot be offered as a product for goods that are being shipped by a third party. Contact your nearest PACK & SEND service centre to find out how they can organise this for your shipment.


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