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Growth Strategy for PACK & SEND in the UK

Our growth strategy is designed to take advantage of our competitive strengths. The main components of our growth strategy are:

  • Expand our leadership position in retail logistics services.

    PACK & SEND will continue to achieve a high level of annual sales growth through a ‘two-pronged’ strategic approach. This involves a combination of:

a) national consumer and business media advertising and promotion to build brand awareness and

b) ‘on the ground’ entrepreneurial units actively marketing and networking in their local community the benefits of the PACK & SEND service. 

PACK & SEND will take advantage of high growth markets that have an increasing need for our services. Some of these expanding markets include, small businesses operating from home (SOHO), Tourists and university students requiring goods to be sent back home, and buyers and sellers of eBay. PACK & SEND’s growth will continue to be underpinned by world-class levels of customer satisfaction.

  • Leverage our retail network advantage

    Conveneint Retail Logistics Stores - PACK & SEND UKDue to our increasing geographical reach, PACK & SEND is able to provide powerful customised logistics solutions to national corporate clients. We aim to capture growing opportunities in the explosively growing Business-to-Consumer electronics industry, which has an increasing need for logistics solutions relating to Reverse Logistics (e.g. warranty and repair returns), Business-to-Consumer delivery (e.g. customer parcel collection points) and Value-Add deliveries (e.g. equipment unpacking, installation, and swap out of warranty items).

    PACK & SEND’s retail network provides the ideal solution for the electronics industry in its quest to deliver legendary customer service levels.
  • International Expansion

    PACK & SEND has a systematic and planned international expansion strategy. The company has a proven record of success in the Australasian market, which features the logistical difficulties of the U.S. market without the benefits of population size. PACK & SEND is thus perfectly poised to replicate its success internationally, offering its products and services, which have universal appeal.

    The core element of our global expansion strategy is the application of a master franchise program. A master franchisee acquires the rights to develop a network of PACK & SEND stores in a particular country, underpinned by the training, guidance and support of PACK & SEND Corporate Office. 

The development of a global PACK & SEND retail network will result in international distribution becoming even more convenient for our customers and create more sales opportunities for our franchisees.