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PACK & SEND Delivering New Stores Across the UK

Sunday, 23 June 2013

PACK & SEND specialise in the professional and secure packing, and domestic and international delivery, of items that are fragile, large awkward or valuable. Their extensive range of domestic delivery services and international freight, cargo, shipping and courier options along with their expert packing knowledge mean they can live up to their claim to be able to pack and send anything, anywhere in the world.

PACK & SEND undertake packing and shipping for individuals and businesses of all sizes across the UK and beyond. Domestic customers can include tourists requiring excess baggage services, people making a short-term or small-scale moveor those buying or selling on on-line auction sites such as ebay. Commercial customers use their services for short-term moves for employees or equipment, office relocations or the delivery of critical, fragile or awkward items such as the packing and shipping of art and antiques, the shipment of samples or proto-types and the safe movement of valuable items such as data servers or laboratory equipment, architectural models or exhibition and display materials.

PACK & SEND’s new stores are in locations across the UK including their first store in Scotland (which will be in Edinburgh) as well as an additional store in London and a new franchisee in Birmingham. These openings, combined with the current level of license applications, could see the PACK & SENDUK store network doubling by the end of the year.

PACK & SEND make a simple promise – ‘We send anything, anywhere!’ – and all their stores provide a unique combination of highly secure packing and shipping solutions with services across the UK and international delivery to 220 countries. Every store has the option of over 30 freight shipping options via air, road and sea including door-to-door delivery as well as specialist services for controlled temperature items, vehicle shipping and even accompanied shipments where required.

Business and personal customers will find the helpful and professional service that PACK & SEND provide a breath of fresh air in a traditionally complicated market. They can handle virtually anything, but are specialists in shipping large, fragile, awkward or valuable items where high quality packing is essential. Typical shipments managed by the UK business have been:

–      £1 million specialist lab equipment packed and delivered to Sweden and Holland

–      Life-size steel garden sculptures of an elephant and giraffe to Cyprus

–      Specialist server and switch units to data centres internationally

–      Antiques and art shipped to and from Bonhams, Christies and Sotheby’s auction rooms around the world

–      Classic car part deliveries for UK and international buyers

–      Sports car hardtops sent to the USA

–      Excess baggage for tourists and travellers to countries across the globe

Of course, as with all PACK & SEND stores in the UK and across the world, there will be no need to actually come to the new shops at all! PACK & SEND can collect goods and parcels from any location and secure packing can be undertaken either on-site or at the local store so everything can be arranged by phone or e.mail. Contact details of all stores can be found on the PACK & SENDUK website –

PACK & SEND are planning up to 240 stores across the UK; many of which will be operated through a franchise license. Individuals interested in owning a PACK & SEND store can find more information at and anyone needing to ship items (however unusual) in the UK or to anywhere else in the world can request a quote online or call 0845 465 0 564.


For further information download PACK & SEND’s Portfolio of Achievement or please contact:

Graeme Rhodes – PACK & SEND UK: [email protected]


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