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Loss or Damage Protection

Get the ultimate peace of mind

We know when shipping goods anywhere, near or far, their safe transit is a big concern for all parties. Our warranty cover gives you the ultimate peace of mind with your shipment. This cover is easy to book and protects your goods from physical loss and damage in transit to any destination.

How do I book this protection?

It is very easy to add loss or damage protection to your shipment through PACK & SEND Online Self-Serivce. When booking your shipment and selecting a shipping service, you can simply just add this protection in one click. The cost of this is calculated automatically based on the value you have entered for each package and is priced at 2.2% of the value of the goods.

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Online Self-Service Booking

What is covered?

Unlike the standard PACK & SEND warranty, our Online Self-Service cover is only available for selected goods. This protection does not apply to any items on the Online Self-Service Prohibited Online Goods list (which cannot be shipped via our online service anyway) or goods that are not packed in accordance with our Online Self-Service Packaging Standards.

This is important because if warranty has been purchased for any shipment of goods that do not meet the requirements, the cover will not be valid and any claim processed will be automatically rejected.

Making a claim

If you have experienced any loss or damage to your Online Self-Service shipment and have a valid claim you will need to complete a brief form to start our claims process. This can be accessed here. This is just an initial step to start the claim, a PACK & SEND customer service representative will contact you after this to begin the formal claim process.

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Terms & Conditions

For full terms & conditions and a comprehensive breakdown of the service, please see our Online Self-Service terms & conditions page.


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