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Defending Against Internet Fraud

PACK & SEND is an international company with a trusted brand servicing customers for over 20 years. Occasionally, people take advantage of PACK & SEND‘s reputation by using our name or services to mislead internet shoppers. The fraudulent communications typically are a request for advance electronic transfer of money to pay for goods ordered on the internet, before the goods will be allegedly delivered by PACK & SEND.

Please note that PACK & SEND does not request, via unsolicited post or e-mail, any payment or personal information in return for goods in transit or in PACK & SEND‘s custody.

While PACK & SEND is not liable for the fraudulent actions of third parties, we are working to prevent and detect fraud where possible. Our customer service and legal departments work closely together to inform our customers of these scams and take them down – and we also co-operate with international organisations to help prevent these scams.

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Learn to Recognise Fraud

Websites Fraudulently Using the PACK & SEND Name or Brand.

Fraudulent websites, (referred to as “Spoofed Web sites”) pretend to represent a reputable source, such as PACK & SEND when in reality they are operated by criminals attempting to commit theft. Some fraudulent websites may have a look and feel of a legitimate PACK & SEND website.

The only legitimate websites of PACK & SEND are as follows:


(View Example of a Fraudulent Website)

If you have found a website that fraudulently claims to be part of PACK & SEND, we want to hear about it at [email protected]

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Emails Fraudulently Using the PACK & SEND Name or Brand

Fraudulent e-mail messages (referred to as “phishing” or “spoofing”) are becoming more common and may appear legitimate by incorporating company brands, colours, or other legal disclaimers. It is easy for criminals to impersonate email addresses that may appear as having been sent from a legitimate PACK & SEND email account. This does not mean that our corporate email systems have been hacked or compromised.

If you believe you have received a fraudulent email please forward a copy to [email protected]. All new information may assist in tracking down the perpetrators.

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What to do if you think you have been a victim

In order to close down the fraudulent website or email address as soon as possible, and hence preventing any further scams, we ask you to forward the fraudulent email message to [email protected].

Further, we advise you to report the case to the local police. There have been instances that have resulted in arrests and the Cyber Crime Department of City of London Police request that UK examples of e.mail fraud are reported to them at https://reportlite.actionfraud.police.uk/. You can also report any suspicious emails you receive by forwarding them to: [email protected]

Please note, that in these instances PACK & SEND’s name and identity is being used fraudulently. Whilst we sympathise with anyone who may have lost money in this way, PACK & SEND cannot accept any responsibility for any costs or charges incurred as a result of fraudulent activity.

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Latest Fraud Examples

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Additional information on online scams can be found at:



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