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Customs and Import Information for International Moves

With international removals, understanding the customs regulations that relate to the country to which you are moving is an important part of your international move' as this will reduce the likelihood of your household items incurring problems upon arrival in the destination country.

PACK & SEND can help to avoid customs hold ups and help to ensure that that your personal effects not only arrive safely at their destination but avoid experiencing any delays.

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Complex Customs Requirements

Customs delays with international removals and shipments are commonly caused by the incorrect customs paperwork being completed and filed with the customs authorities in the destination country. Whilst these problems can be easily addressed, they can lead to your household items being unnecessarily held up by the customs authorities, and at worst can result in additional charges for inspections or storage being levied by the authority on the receiver.

Common Customs Problems when Moving Abroad

The possible reasons why your delivery might encounter common customs problems when you move to another country are numerous. Some of the most common problems, however,  include:

  • Mistakes being made on the paperwork
  • Incorrect documentation being lodged with the Customs authority
  • Inadvertently including banned items within your shipment
  • Not Including the correct customs certification and documents.

Each country has their own regulations and what one Government may class as a permissible item another may class it as prohibited. Understanding these differences is an important part of ensuring that the customs entry process goes smoothly. For example sending a matching pair of shoes to Mexico is prohibited as is sending plastic flowers to Nigeria.

PACK & SEND’s 20 years’ experience means that we can prepare the customs paperwork and make you aware of any restrictions or customs licence requirements that are likely to be applicable in the destination to which you are moving.

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Keeping the Paper trail Intact

General Customs Regulations

To minimise customs delays and hold ups it is sensible that you familiarise yourself fully with the customs authority and their regulations in the country to which you are moving. You can do this by contacting the countries consulate directly.

The most common demands of the customs authorities in most countries are that only permissable items are included within the shipment and that the correct customs documentation is completed fully

Because of PACK & SEND’s extensive knowledge of customs regulations around the world gained over 20 years of making international shipments and deliveries, we are able to help ensure that all paperwork and documents are completed thoroughly to help avoid delays or unnecessary expense.

Use PACK & SEND to Avoid Customs Problems

Despite all of the rules and regulations that you may encounter when moving overseas PACK & SEND can help you to work out exactly what you need so that your household and personal effects clear customs smoothly and without any problems.

We will advise and support regardless of the country to which you are moving and can help work through the more complex customs regulations with you.

By using PACK & SEND international removal services there is a greater chance that your shipment will avoid unnecessary customs delays and help to get your items to your new home on time.

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