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PACK & SEND Portfolio of AchievementIt’s 5.30 pm on a Friday afternoon and you have to arrange for three server units to be de-racked from a datacentre in Redditch and delivered to Paris by 9.00 am on Monday morning. There is no room for error and the datacentre can only release the servers at 1.00 am on Sunday morning! Having called one courier company after another to be told it can’t be done, you then call PACK & SEND – “That’s no problem” is the response. The servers are duly collected on Sunday morning at 1.00 am, carefully packed and then driven directly to Paris for delivery on Sunday.

This is just one example of many outstanding examples of PACK & SEND’s legendary No Limits service since opening in the UK and to celebrate our unique levels of customer service we have published our Portfolio of Achievement which documents some of our successes within the UK.

We are very proud of these levels of service and the army of raving fans as customers that we are gaining as a result.


PACK & SEND is unique in that we provide a broad range of packaging solutions and freight solutions through a network of retail service centres. But what really sets us apart is the team of people behind our brand – our Franchisees. When a customer talks to a service centre they are talking to the decision-maker because they are the owner of the business and they are highly trained and motivated and have totally embraced our No Limits culture.

The Portfolio of Achievement gives an insight into the company’s professionalism and success and how motivated people give real meaning to a brand. It highlights how individual PACK & SEND franchisees make what seems an impossible task into a hassle-free customer service experience.

Turning a collection of individuals into a world-class team is the dream of every business, and this book demonstrates how PACK & SEND has turned that dream into a reality. There are really ‘No Limits’ to the success that can be achieved when you have a motivated team totally focused on the customer.

The Portfolio of Achievement is a fascinating read for anyone who wants to be inspired by how ordinary people committed to a common vision and teamwork can achieve extraordinary feats of customer service.


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