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Shipping to New Zealand

Do you need to arrange a delivery to New Zealand? At PACK & SEND we can deliver your valuable, fragile or oversized packages to anywhere on the North Island or South Island.

Whether you have an urgent business delivery, or you simply want to send an item to a family member, we guarantee to get your package to its destination in New Zealand safely.

Here you can see all the things you need to consider when shipping to New Zealand, from paperwork requirements to customs duties and taxes.

PACK & SEND carry out deliveries to New Zealand every day. We specialise in transporting large, awkward, fragile and valuable goods. That’s why we’re your perfect partner for shipping your goods to New Zealand.

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International Shipping to New Zealand: Strong UK Ties

Sending packages to New Zealand is important for many people in the UK because New Zealand has always had strong ties with the UK. Ever since Britain made New Zealand a colony in 1840, the two countries have shared strong trade and cultural ties.

New Zealand is still a proud member of the Commonwealth, and the UK is one of its most important trading partners. Exports to the UK of wool, dairy and meat products continue to be important for the New Zealand economy.

Arranging deliveries to New Zealand is very important for many UK businesses, and they have come to depend upon us to arrange deliveries at great rates while always ensuring we meet our deadlines.

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Shipping to New Zealand, a Popular Destination for UK Citizens

Sending items to New Zealand is an essential service that we carry out for friends and family members in the UK who need to send items to their contacts in New Zealand, whether they are living there permanently or simply visiting.

New Zealand’s attractions for UK citizens are obvious for anyone to see. The relatively small country is packed full of stunning natural scenery. On top of that, the high standard of living and the fact that English is the national language make it a particularly popular destination.

Sending freight to New Zealand is something that many people rely on Pack & Send to carry out if they have friends or family staying in the country, and we never disappoint.

Getting Your Packages to Their Destinations

Sending items to New Zealand is something that we can help you with no matter where you need your packages to go. Whether to one of the major cities on the North Island or South Island, or to somewhere less accessible, we deliver packages up and down the country.

Despite being a modern country with a very well-developed infrastructure, the sheer distance of New Zealand from the UK means that you need to rely on a company with a proven record of delivering fragile packages to their destinations. And that is why you should choose Pack & Send.

Shipping from UK to New Zealand: Specialising in Awkward and Fragile Deliveries

We specialise in awkward, fragile, large and valuable deliveries anywhere in the world. If you need to arrange a delivery to New Zealand then make sure you use a company with a proven track record arranging complex deliveries.

We can help you with your packing and pick up the delivery from your door, and we also track your delivery the whole way so you always know where it is.

Arrange your international deliveries to New Zealand with an experienced and trusted courier service, no matter what you need to send.

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