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Shipping to the United States of America

Do you want to arrange international delivery to the USA? At PACK & SEND we can ship your valuable, fragile or oversized packages to anywhere in the USA from Alabama to Washington.

As a specialist in international shipping, freight forwarding and door-to-door packing and deliveries, PACK & SEND knows a thing or two about sending fragile and valuable goods to the USA and North America.

Here you can see all the things you need to consider when shipping goods to the USA, from paperwork requirements to customs duties and taxes.

The USA is a regular destination for PACK & SEND packing and international shipping services. We specialise in transporting large, awkward, fragile and valuable goods. If you are considering shipping from UK to the USA, PACK & SEND will make sure that your items arrive quickly and in excellent condition.

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Delivering Shipping to the USA

Shipments to the USA are probably the must frequent deliveries that we make and our stores have a wide choice of packing and shipping services to the United States including airfreight services to over 100 destinations in North America and sea freight options via most major US ports including ‘to the door’ and ‘to the port’ services in any of the States.

We track all our US shipments continuously until delivery and keep you updated of progress along the way. We can check on any Federal import requirements and inform you of US customs clearance issues if they arise.

Safe and Secure Delivery to the USA

And when it comes to shipping high value or fragile goods to the US, PACK & SEND are the experts! Our packing and crating services ensure that the goods are safe and secure from the moment we collect them until the final signature on delivery in America and we can even provide you with comprehensive loss or damage cover to the value of the goods – regardless of what it is.

PACK & SEND Delivery Services

Perhaps you (or your business) have acquired an item in the UK and require collection, packing and shipping to your US location? This can be difficult to manage remotely but a PACK & SEND service centre can manage everything for you.

You may be moving to the US for a fixed period and only need to ship some of your possessions securely, or you may have family in USA who you wish to send things to? Whatever your circumstances or needs, PACK & SEND are a perfect solution for getting anything safely from the UK to the United States as nobody offers a more complete range of secure packing and delivery solutions.

Our delivery services to North America provide a hassle free, guaranteed delivery to anywhere in the US.

We can collect to save you time and inconvenience
We can securely pack your goods to ensure your valuable and fragile items arrive safely in the States
We have a choice of air-freight services and sea-freight services to most ports and airports across North America
We can provide cover for loss or damage in transit – you peace of mind with our Warranty Service; no matter what the value of your goods
We have urgent next-day service options to the States and high security accompanied shipping for extremely valuable or sensitive items

Arrange your Shipment to the USA

Options for shipping to the United States:

Sending to the US by Air Freight
Sending to the US by Sea Freight
Specialist packing when shipping to the US

Please speak to your local PACK & SEND Store today for full details and a personal estimate for your delivery needs to North America.


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