Investment Requirement for Franchise Opportunities

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UK Franchise Opportunities - Target Investment Requirement

How Much?

As a guide the funding required to open a PACK & SEND store in the UK is in the region of £84,500. You will also need to make an allowance for working capital which could be between £15,000 - £35,000.

A franchisee will therefore need a minimum of £50,000 - £60,000 in liquid funds. The balance can be raised through a bank loan and PACK & SEND franchisees enjoy positive lending terms with our banking partners.

The £84,500 is broadly made up as follows:

License Fee


Store Opening Costs


Legal Fees (lease negotiation, business establishment)



At PACK & SEND we make our customers a simple promise – there are No Limits to the things we can and will do. For our franchisees there are no limits to the earnings and returns that can be achieved through hard work and diligence.

A few facts that point to PACK & SEND being a sound and robust franchise opportunity and investment:

-       The number of PACK & SEND stores* that come up for sale is less than 1%.

-       The number of stores owned by multi store owners is one of the highest in the industry and currently stands at over 25%*.

-       66% of our store network has been trading for longer than 7 years, 44% for longer than 9 years and 15% for between 13 and 20 years*.

To discover more about PACK & SEND franchise opportunities in the UK complete our Initial Application Form now.

* Includes our Australian business.