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International Shipping Freight Forwarding Solutions

International Shipping Solutions

Do you want to arrange international shipping from the UK? Do you have an international removal or are you moving abroad?

At PACK & SEND we know how important it is for you to reach all your international destinations via a single service provider. We provide a wide range of options for your international shipping solutions to ensure that you can always find the service you need depending on the package that you need to send overseas.

That's why when it comes to international shipping and sending goods overseas, we offer a complete range of solutions tailored to your international freight and shipping requirements. And we are always nearby, with convenient retail locations throughout the country.

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When you need to ship freight internationally, we offer a complete range of solutions tailored to your requirements. We understand your concerns and respond flexibly, and we are always nearby due to our growing network of convenient retail locations throughout the UK.

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International Delivery Solutions for Every Requirement

We have a wide range of international delivery solutions available for every requirement. Whether you want to send large packages, small packages, fragile goods, art, antiques, specialist lab equipment or anything else, we can arrange a quick and secure shipment for you.

Our main international shipping solutions include:

Air Freight: Our international logistics solutions include a wide range of air freight services to meet the needs of our customers. Whether you require our International Express Parcel Courier service for urgent international delivery to virtually anywhere in the world, or our consolidation service for heavy-weight items to all the major airports around the world, we provide exporters with reliable and cost-effective air transportation.

Sea Freight: When rapid international shipping is not an issue and you want to send heavyweight or bulky items overseas economically, sea freight may be the answer. We specialise in Less than a Container Load (LCL) shipments where we consolidate your consignment with other international shipments. Delivery can be door-to-door or door-to-port.

International Mail: This international courier service is ideal if you have more time to spare and the product is of lower value. This is a economical alternative to an International Express Parcel Courier service. This competitively-priced international shipping service is ideal for small or lower value items such as CDs, videos, books, clothes and gifts. It has a transit time of between 7 and 12 days, and we can send items to any postal address in the world.

Letter Mail: This service is ideal for printed matter, such as annual shareholder reports, magazines or a direct mail marketing campaign. It is suitable whether you are sending a thousand documents or simply sending a single item.

Packing Services for International Shipping from UK

Our specialist international packing service is ideal if you are unsure about how best to pack your difficult items, including large, fragile, valuable and awkward items.

If you have an international antiques shipment, for example, and you want to ensure that it arrives in excellent condition during transit, we can construct a tailor-made wooden crate or even use our Foam-In-Place system which can withstand the rigours of international freight by creating a contoured cushion of foam to support your fragile items.

Use PACK & SEND to Ship International Freight

If you need to arrange an overseas courier delivery, trust PACK & SEND to get your item to its destination anywhere in the world.

Our wide range of international shipping options, combined with our expert packing service, mean you can enjoy a safe and competitively-priced international delivery service, whatever your item and wherever its destination.

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