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Student Moves

There are over 400,000 international students currently studying at UK education facilities and if you are reading this page you are likely to be either a student yourself or someone who is involved with international students in one way or another.

International Student Moves- Ship your Clothes at teh End of TermPACK & SEND work with a large number of higher education establishments as well as directly with students themselves to be able to provide international packing and shipping solutions to students returning home at the end of their studies – whether you are moving to China, Nigeria, India, the US or Canada, Hong Kong.or Malaysia. With our global reach we pack and ship student’s personal effects to over 80,000 locations around the world.

Our international packing and shipping services for students include the following international delivery services.

Pack and Ship

With our pack and ship service you simply tell us how many boxes you require and we will deliver them to you for you to pack. Once packed we’ll arrange collection from your address (or you can drop them into one of our conveniently located retail stores) and we’ll then arrange for them to be shipped on one of our international shipping services, either by international air freight or international sea freight.
This is our most economical service for individual students moving back home and is ideal if all you have is clothes, books and papers, and maybe a few non fragile personal effects.

Consolidated Shipments

International Student Shipping - No matter how much stuff you have...If there are a group of you all travelling back to the same country at the same time why not group your international shipment together using one of our international sea freight services. We will organise for the shipment to be grouped together and consolidated into one sea container and then shipped to the destination country by sea freight. From there you can either collect your things from the port or we can arrange for your stuff to be cleared through customs and delivered to an address locally.

If there are a large number of you wanting to have your personal effects delivered then this is by far the most economical form of international shipping and delivery.

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Taking Time out to Travel

If you intend to take some time out on your way home to travel through a number of countries then let us know and we can arrange to store your things prior to shipping so that they arrive at your home when you get there. If your travel plans are flexible and you’re not sure when you are likely to arrive back home – that’s no problem. Just email us when you are ready and we’ll get your stuff on its’ way either on our international air service or sea freight service.

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Students Returning to Europe

If you are a European student who has been studying within the UK PACK & SEND have a very economical European road delivery service which is ideal for sending personal effects across Europe. All shipments are barcoded prior to leaving so that we can track their movements to the door where they will need to be signed for upon delivery. So whether you are moving to Germany, Ireland or Spain (or anywhere else in Europe for that matter) let PACK & SEND help you with your European shipping and delivery.

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