International Delivery to 80000 Destinations Worldwide

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International Delivery to 80000 Destinations Worldwide

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PACK & SEND have been delivering our customer’s items around the world for over 20 years and with our broad range of worldwide transportation solutions we can organise delivery of any item to 80,000 locations around the world.

Whether you are shipping to the USA, wanting a delivery in China, have a shipment to Australia, want to import something from Hong Kong, or deliver to somewhere closer to home like transportation to Germany or delivery to Spain, PACK & SEND can put together a solution for you no matter how fragile, large, awkward or valuable your item or items may be.

Our air freight services include our Air Express service for deliveries of items where time is of the essence whereas our Air Freight and Economy Air services are ideal for large or bulk shipments where pressure on time is less.

If you have a significantly large shipment or removal our sea freight services are ideal for either full container shipments (FCL) or consolidated container shipments (LCL).

If you have items to deliver to continental Europe PACK & SEND can put together a range of options from air shipment, to road shipment, to delivery by dedicated vehicle for highly sensitive or valuable shipments.

Our import services (either by sea freight or air freight) are ideal if you have a shipment abroad that you want to bring back to the UK.

No matter how fragile, large, awkward or valuable your shipment is or where in the world you are shipping to, PACK & SEND can help with everything from collection, packing, customs clearance and delivery to the door or port of entry – all to suit your requirements.

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