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International Deliveries for Individuals

Transporting personal items abroad can be difficult to arrange. You might be about to leave on an extended holiday and need to arrange for excess baggage to meet you en route, you may be trying to get your student books, study gear and other items home at the end of term or you could be arranging for a family heirloom to reach a relative abroad. But where do you start?

Whatever fragile, valuable or precious item you are wanting to ship, at PACK & SEND we can help you! As specialists in packing and transporting items of all shapes and sizes internationally, we have never had a request that we could not offer a solution for in our 20+ years of trading.   

Our growing network of retail stores are able to arrange for any item to be packed securely and shipped to virtually any international destination. We can arrange to collect from your home, office or other location and provide help and advice on customs and import requirements if your shipment is going overseas. We even have our comprehensive Gold Cover which can provide loss and damage protection from start to finish giving you peace of mind, regardless of the value of your items.

At PACK & SEND we aim to make any international task easy! We provide a complete door-to-door service and handle the tracking and management of the shipment until it arrives safely at its destination. The many customer testimonials that we have received demonstrate how easy we make things for you.

To arrange international transportation for your personal items today get a packing and shipping quote from  PACK & SEND. Click here.

At PACK & SEND we:

-          Collect from you, or you can drop your items at any of our conveniently located stores

-          Pack any item securely for transit using our specialist packing services

-          Offer a wide range of shipping options to get your delivery to any location across the globe

-          Offer a comprehensive loss and damage cover giving peace of mind for valuable and fragile deliveries

-          Advise on customs and import regulations that may affect your delivery

-          Track your shipment for you from start to finish and address any potential hold-ups that may occur through our service links with many customs hubs

Don’t have nightmares trying to arrange an international shipment for yourself or your family. Simply contact your nearest PACK & SEND store and let us take care of everything for you.

To arrange an international delivery for your personal items today get a packing and transportation quote from  PACK & SEND. Click here.