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Shipping to Europe

European Freight Forwarding Solutions

Millions of us holiday on the beaches of Spain, Greece, Italy and Bulgaria every year and thousands of UK citizens own holiday homes in hotspots like France, Majorca and the Canary Islands.

Europe is the destination for over half our business exports and hundreds of British employees spend time in continental cities such as Brussels, Berlin and Rome every week.

More packages and parcels leave the UK for the EEC than anywhere else in the world, but whatever your reason for sending goods to Europe and Scandinavia, PACK & SEND are the people to talk to. Our range of European shipping services and priority delivery options mean we are able to help with deliveries across the EU and beyond. Whether you need to get an urgent package to Paris or extra luggage to Lisbon, PACK & SEND are the right choice every time.

Our convenient collection and packing service takes the pain out of getting goods to Spain or anywhere else in Europe, so for safe and secure courier and freight deliveries to the EU or Scandinavia get an online quote now for your European Freight Forwarding.