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Excess Baggage Services by Air

If you need to send personal possessions by air, PACK & SEND offers a reliable and economical air cargo service. We offer personalised 'white-glove' service levels and guarantee the security of your baggage for your peace of mind. Being comfortable that your baggage is not tampered with in transit is a very important consideration when selecting a baggage service provider.

Why you should choose PACK & SEND for your Excess Baggage

Personal belongings sent through airlines can be broken into three categories. They are:
1) Accompanied (Cabin) Baggage
2) Unaccompanied Baggage
3) Air Cargo

Airline unaccompanied baggage services have limitations. You must hold an international airline travel ticket between the origin and destination airports, and your baggage must be consigned at the freight terminal before your flight.

Unaccompanied baggage is also considered low priority air freight by all airlines. This means that it is sent on a ‘space and flight available’ basis. Therefore, it may be held back or off-loaded at any airport during the journey to its destination.

The most important message is don’t compare apples to oranges when it comes to price! When using PACK & SEND’s Air Cargo service you receive a fixed price. By contrast, unaccompanied baggage providers may quote a very small per kilogram charge, but you will get caught with all the ancillary charges at the destination. These are rarely disclosed to you at the time of taking your order. These differences in pricing for airline baggage services are explained in the table below.

Freight Charges Included in quoted per kg pricePACK & SEND Air Cargo serviceUnaccompanied baggage services
Delivery to destination depotYesYes
Delivery to recipients doorYesNo - responsibility of owner of personal effects.
Customs clearance chargesYesNo - responsibility of owner of personal effects.
Airport terminal feesYesNo - responsibility of owner of personal effects.
Airline TaxYesNo - responsibility of owner of personal effects.
Documentation feesYesNo - responsibility of owner of personal effects.
Security LevyYesNo - responsibility of owner of personal effects.
Fuel LevyYesNo - responsibility of owner of personal effects.
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What is the Air Baggage Allowance?

Some airlines have a limited air baggage allowance and will not carry fragile, large, awkward, valuable or heavy items on certain flights. Customers should make their own arrangements for these particular items ahead of time to ensure a cost-effective packing and shipping solution to their excess baggage or excess luggage situation. PACK & SEND ships a range of different excess baggage items including large paintings, electronic and computing equipment, musical instruments, sports equipment and valuable artefacts bought overseas.

What are Excess Baggage Fees?

Air baggage allowances on airlines can be restrictive and can lead to hefty airline excess baggage fees. To avoid airline excess baggage charges, contact PACK & SEND for a cost-effective packing and shipping solution for your excess baggage.

Can PACK & SEND arrange the Delivery of Excess Baggage to any Country?

PACK & SEND can arrange the delivery of excess luggage or excess baggage to any country in the world.

How long does it take for Excess Baggage Delivery?

PACK & SEND work to your deadlines, ensuring satisfactory and realistic delivery times. We have a range of freight and shipping solutions that ensure delivery within your timescales. If your delivery is urgent then our air freight services will be the most appropriate shipping solution to send your excess baggage and tracking and signed delivery service is provided.

Is there Insurance or a Warranty?

PACK & SEND offer professional packing services and take the utmost care in the delivery process to reduce the chances of breakage or loss. What’s more, PACK & SEND is the only company that provides Shipping Warranty loss and damage cover for all cargo including excess baggage.

What are my Excess Baggage Solution Options?

Customers have many options, which are factors in the overall pricing of the service.

  • Packaging; Opt for professional packaging services from PACK & SEND or pack yourself.
  • Location; sending packages either domestically, across Europe or internationally.
  • Pick up or drop off; allowing clients to visit a PACK & SEND branch or organise everything over the phone.
  • Method; sending and shipping items via courier, sea freight, air freight, road freight etc.
  • Time; urgent delivery or in a set period of time.
  • Delivery choices; airport to airport, seaport to seaport, delivery to door.

Excess Baggage solutions; to avoid leaving behind those items which airlines cannot carry.

For more information on excess baggage solutions when exceeding air baggage allowances or to avoid excess baggage fees, please call PACK & SEND your nearest service centre on 0345 873 999 0.


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