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Excess Baggage Services by Sea

Shipping excess baggage by international sea freight can be a more economical option when the size of your shipment is large, or when delivery times are less urgent. PACK & SEND offers different international sea freight services for shipping your excess baggage. Let us know what you need, and we’ll put together a solution that works for you.


This sea freight service is a consolidated or part container service. We will consolidate your excess baggage and personal possessions into a shared container and then ship it to the port of destination.

PACK & SEND will then clear your international shipment through customs and pay the port fees and customs clearance charges (but not duties, taxes or inspection fees should there be any). Finally, we’ll arrange delivery of your excess baggage to your door.

Our service saves you the hassle of having to appoint a customs broker at the port of entry and having to pay port fees, customs clearance charges and onward delivery charges locally.


With this international sea freight service PACK & SEND will arrange either a full or part container delivery to the port of entry. From there you will be required to arrange customs clearance, pay the port fees and clearance charges, and then arrange to collect your effects from the port.

Full Container or Part Container

Do you have a significantly large international shipment of personal effects or excess baggage? If so, PACK & SEND will arrange for a 20ft or 40ft container for your sole usage.

The container can be loaded at your residence in the UK or at our facilities. We will then arrange shipment of the container by sea and delivery to either your address or to the port in the destination country. We are happy to talk to you about the various options and help you decide which is the most appropriate for your needs.

If you require an international shipment of excess baggage, PACK & SEND is the obvious choice. We have an extensive range of international sea freight and air cargo services. Tell us your needs and PACK & SEND will provide a solution that is right for you.

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Can PACK & SEND arrange the Delivery of Excess Baggage to any Country?

PACK & SEND can arrange the delivery of excess luggage or excess baggage to any country in the world.

How long does it take for Excess Baggage Delivery?

PACK & SEND work to your deadlines, ensuring satisfactory and realistic delivery times. We have a range of freight and shipping solutions that ensure delivery within your timescales. If delivery is less urgent then our sea freight options are more economical.

Is there Insurance or a Warranty?

PACK & SEND offer professional packing services and take the utmost care in the delivery process to reduce the chances of breakage or loss. What’s more, PACK & SEND is the only company that provides Shipping Warranty loss and damage cover for all cargo including excess baggage.

Excess Baggage solutions; to avoid leaving behind those items which airlines cannot carry.

For more information on excess baggage solutions when exceeding air baggage allowances or to avoid excess baggage fees, please call PACK & SEND your nearest service centre on 0345 873 999 0.

What are Excess Baggage Fees?

Air baggage allowances on airlines can be restrictive and can lead to hefty airline excess baggage fees. To avoid airline excess baggage charges, contact PACK & SEND for a cost-effective packing and shipping solution for your excess baggage.

What is the Air Baggage Allowance?

Some airlines have a limited air baggage allowance and will not carry fragile, large, awkward, valuable or heavy items on certain flights. Customers should make their own arrangements for these particular items ahead of time to ensure a cost-effective packing and shipping solution to their excess baggage or excess luggage situation. PACK & SEND ships a range of different excess baggage items including large paintings, electronic and computing equipment, musical instruments, sports equipment and valuable artefacts bought overseas.


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