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Does PACK & SEND charge by volume or weight?

Most personal effects travelling by Air cargo are charged by weight. However, some items are very large in size but light in actual weight e.g. skis . This type of item is called ‘volumetric’ and is charged by airlines for the space taken in the aircraft.

Sea cargo is charged by volume, not weight, although it generally starts to become economical when the size of your shipment approaches 1 cubic metre or 8 shipping cartons (Removal Boxes 42x44x61cm).

What about duties and taxes?

We obviously have no control over foreign Customs Services or Local Authorities who may undertake surcharges or charge Duty, Tax, Quarantine or other fees at their discretion, and in accordance with local regulations. Duties and taxes vary from country to country.

Usually if you have owned your personal effects for more than 12 months then no taxes are payable. You may be asked for receipts to prove ownership and date of purchase.

What form of financial security do I have in the event of loss or damage of any of my goods in transit?

PACK & SEND offers ‘Loss or damage protection warranty’ in the event of loss or damage in transit. Click here for more on the warranty service from PACK & SEND.

How do I get a price from PACK & SEND?

To obtain a price, phone your nearest PACK & SEND store, or go to our estimate section. You will need to provide us the following information:

  • Description of the goods
  • Destination
  • The weight of the goods
  • The Length, width, height dimensions of your shipment to the nearest cm.
  • Value of the goods

PACK & SEND provides a freight price estimate based on the weight and size information you have provided to us. At times, these measurements may be difficult for the customer to accurately provide to us due to a lack of access to weigh scales or tape measures. In all instances, PACK & SEND will weigh all baggage received at our stores on our industry approved and certified digital scales and measuring equipment. We will advise the customer before despatch of a change in price if weight or measurements are significantly different to that provided at the time of giving a price estimate.

Can I package the goods myself?

Yes. If you need packaging supplies, visit our stores and you will find everything you will ever need to package items.

For fragile items we highly recommend PACK & SEND‘s professional packaging servicePACK & SEND may not accept goods that are not packed properly, or insist on re-packing them.

Your baggage is going across the world not across the street, so pack it accordingly. Use suitcases or good quality strong boxes. Remember these are your valuable personal effects that, in most cases, cannot be replaced. Use common sense and do not overload boxes. For health and safety reasons we suggest that no more than 30 kilograms (approx. 60 pounds) be packed per carton.

Do not use the red and white strip bags as they split open and rip easily in transit. Do not use polystyrene or fruit boxes and supermarket boxes are usually light weight boxes designed for groceries and not suitable for the rigours of the overseas freight environment.

Make sure your cartons are labelled clearly in English. You should also provide a phone number for the destination address if possible.

What items cannot be sent?

You will be surprised that some common items are considered dangerous goods and are not allowed on aircraft as cargo. Some of these include perfume, nail polish, matches, lighters, batteries, aerosols and paint. Packing dangerous goods in your baggage is totally unacceptable. You will be required to sign a freight consignment note which places the onus on you, as the shipper, that your consignment contains no dangerous goods. For more information on prohibited and dangerous goods that cannot be sent by airfreight, click here.


What paperwork do I need to complete?

You will need to complete and provide to PACK & SEND a packing list, which simply is a list detailing the description of every item you have packed in each box.

Sea carriers and airlines need to know accurately the type of goods they will be transporting and Customs officials need to know accurately the type of goods entering their country. A detailed Packing List is likely to assist in a speedier clearance at your country of destination. PACK & SEND stores can help with customs documentation.

Do you arrange pick up?

Yes, and you need not wait around all day for a driver as we will be able to give you an estimated time of arrival (within an hour). Packages should be ready for collection at the front of your home, hotel or business at the arranged collection time to minimise delays.

Alternatively, you can lodge your goods at one of our conveniently located retail service centres throughout the UK.

Can I track & trace my boxes?

If you would like to know the delivery status of your consignments then let us know when you book or lodge your items or parcels with us. With this notification we will contact you to confirm delivery receipt details. We can communicate details to you by SMS text message, email or phone.

How long does it take for my goods to reach the destination?

This will depend on where you are sending the items and whether you choose an airfreight or seafreight service. As a guide, airfreight can be 3 – 5 days, whilst seafreight can be up to several months. Do not use seafreight if delivery dates are critical. Unlike airfreight, sea transport can be subject to delays due to inclement weather, dock strikes etc.

What are the airline security requirements?

Under Aviation Security Regulations, customers sending freight that will be transported by an airline are required to provide acceptable photo or signature identification when lodging their consignment. Failure to provide identification will result in your consignment being delayed.

Your baggage may undergo Government mandated security checks. Additionally, Customs officials in any country have the right to inspect your boxes without you present. Government regulations forbid freight carriers to communicate any information about the intended airline flight until the consignment has been received by the carrier.


What form of payment does PACK & SEND accept?

We accept cash, personal cheques and of course all major credit cards – American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Bankcard.


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