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Buying Online FAQs

Whether you are a regular buyer online or you have a one-off need, you will no doubt have questions about how to get your purchase delivered safely.

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Whether you are a first time eBay user or an eBay Powerseller, using PACK & SEND can save you time, money or help you sell more products. At PACK & SEND we understand the system of eBay and are active members of the eBay community. With our range of eBay services PACK & SEND is the logical choice for eBay buyers and sellers.

Can you forward me a price list for all destinations?

If you know the details of the item you wish to sell on eBay (e.g. weight, dimensions, value etc) then PACK & SEND can determine a price estimate and transit times for delivery to major destinations. We can provide this estimate to you by email in the form of a HTML template, which you can easily insert into your eBay published listing.
PACK & SEND does not have a general price list available for those customers who do not know the relevant details of the items they wish to sell. Unlike a traditional freight company we care about the item that needs to be transported and do not treat all items the same. We use our expertise to determine the most appropriate packaging and transport method for your valued item. For this reason all of our services are individually tailored to the task at hand.

What is the difference between a quote and an estimate?

When you visit a PACK & SEND store and provide us with the item to be packed and delivered, we are able to determine a quote. A quote is a fixed priced for services. However, when you phone a PACK & SEND store we assess your needs and provide a price estimate based on the information you have communicated to us. This information includes weight, dimensions, value, fragility and destination. If on the receipt of goods at the store this information has changed, then the price to be charged to you may also change. This charge may be higher or lower than the original price estimate provided over the phone. PACK & SEND obtains customer approval before proceeding with any services that may need to be charged at a rate higher than the original price estimate.

How can I avoid a situation where the freight price is actually higher than the value of the item?

This situation may be unavoidable if you have a low value item that is bulky and or heavy. Whilst a low value item may result in a lower packaging price, its value will not have an influence on the transportation charges. This is because the cost to transport goods is determined by weight and volume regardless of the goods value. For example a large Pram purchased on eBay for £10 may require an additional investment of say £50 (depending on destination) for packing and delivery.

There is no real way to avoid this situation, except to obtain a freight and packing estimate from your local PACK & SEND store before you buy the item. This may help you to understand the true cost of acquiring the merchandise. PACK & SEND’s expertise and understanding of the freight industry enables us to determine the most suitable method of transportation for your needs.

Are you cheaper than the Post Office?

PACK & SEND and the Post Office primarily offer different services, so prices cannot be really compared.
The Post Office specialises in the provision of mail services. Mail services are designed for small, low value, non-time sensitive items where reliability is not an issue (mail services do not offer tracking services for items whilst in transit). If your item fits this description, then you may find the Post Office is your best delivery option for this item.

PACK & SEND specialises in express freight, courier services, and small furniture removals. We are the industry leader with respect to handling goods that are fragile, large, awkward, and valuable. We offer a professional packing service and specialise in the transportation of items that are time sensitive. We offer track and trace, and a range of personalised solutions that can not be taken ‘off the shelf’.

What form of financial security do I have in the event of loss or damage of my goods in transit?

The PACK & SEND Gold Service provides our customers with ‘Loss or Damage Protection warranty’. To find out more about Gold Service click here.

Is there VAT for sending items overseas?

No. When sending items overseas there is no VAT applicable to the international portion of your freight price. However VAT is applicable to services rendered domestically, for example any packing of the item, domestic freight and other domestic services.

Can I package the goods myself?

Yes, in fact PACK & SEND carries a wide range of packaging materials that you can use when do-it-yourself packing. Once your item is packed simply drop it in to one of our stores, or call and we will have your item picked up from your door.

Do you arrange a pick up?

Yes, your local PACK & SEND store can arrange for pick up. We find many of our clients opt to have their items picked up. This is often for convenience reasons or if the item requires extra care or a special vehicle at the pick up address.


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