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At PACK & SEND we want to give back to the art community. With 'Art of the Week' we will be sharing our favourite pieces of art, submitted by you to this page. Every week we will be doing this, to take part in the following week visit our social media pages and submit your art!





How To Take Part

Visit one of the PACK & SEND social media platforms, follow us and submit a description and image of your nominated art in a comment and we will let you know if you are successful or not. You can email your submission and image(s) to if you prefer but you do need to be following us to enter so we will need your social handle to verify.

Winners are selected each Friday(midday) and featured on the site for the following week as well as in our social media channels. We will also include a description of your art and a website/social media link to the creator or sharer for publicity

Art of the week

Winner Week 10 - Paul Kellett

Paul Kellett was won PACK & SEND Art of the Week in its 11th week. Paul is an artist based in the UK. He came back to painting in his 40’s largely following a breakdown as a way to support his well being. Painting helps him draw away from the day to day stresses of his job in the charity sector. His work is abstract and largely explores communicating emotion through a fluid process of paint application.

His winning entry, SOAR, was painted as a commission for a client who had lost her husband in tragic circumstances. It was a gift for her daughter and speaks about the ability to overcome tragedy and find the strength to move forward and not just exist but live to the full. It’s about taking the tougher emotions of your life and using them for the good of soaring to new heights.

You can find out more about Paul and his work on his Instagram page!

fine art shipping
Paul Kellett Soar

Winner Week 10 - Lalu Stevens

The 10th winner of PACK & SEND Art of the Week is Lalu Stevens. Lalu is a UK artist from Leicester who now lives in Leipzig, Germany with her husband. She loves painting with bright colours and strong lines. Most of her work consists of painting cityscapes and landscapes.

This winning piece is called ‘Smoky Tops’ it is gouache on fine art paper. The painting is based on an 1800s photograph of the Manchester slums during the Industrial Revolution. It has taken inspiration from the style, thematic content, and colour palette of the famous Mancunian artist L.S Lowry, who inspired Lalu a lot as a child.

If you want to find out more about Lalu and her work you can see more on her Etsy, Facebook and Instagram pages!

fine art shipping
Lalu Stevens

Winner Week 9 - Magdalena Biernacka

PACK & SEND Art of the Week’s 9th winner is Magdalena Biernacka. Magdalena is an artist based in North Yorkshire who creates work based on watercolour and ink specifically creating images using ink by creating fine lines. The main theme of her artwork is nature and she enjoys incorporating geometry into her artwork. Therefore creating abstract art inspired by nature.

If you want to find out more about Magdalena and her work you can see visit her Facebook page and her online gallery.

Abstract Magdalena

Magdelena bird

Magdalena Flower

Winner Week 8 - Toni Dade

This week’s winner of our Art of the Week competition is Toni Dade. Toni is based in Portugal where she has been painting since the early 90s and you can see a wide range of work examples on her website.  Many of her paintings and illustrations feature the natural world as can be seen in this delightful watercolour study of a pineapple and she has exhibited her work in the UK and Portugal over the last few years.

Toni is a Fellow of the Society of Botanical Artists and will be exhibiting in the RHS Botanical Art & Photography Show at the Saatchi Gallery in London from 18th Sept-3rd Oct.

Watercolour Pineapple

Winner Week 7 - Louise Marriott

The 7th winner of PACK & SEND’s Art of the Week competition is Louise Marriott. Louise has nominated this statue, it was created as a promotional piece to feature in Mambo surf stores in Australia. The statue was created 36 years ago by two Australian artists Hugh Ramage and Peter King working under the name Storageman from an original design by New Zealand artist Reg Mombassa.

After being off display for 20 years, the piece came into Louise’s hands after being safely shipped to her from Australia thanks to PACK & SEND Lonsdale. It now sits proudly in her home.

Mambo Statue

Mambo Statue 2

Winner Week 6 - Nikolas Wereszczyński

Nikolas Wereszczyński is a Polish artist based in London. His work is often influenced by his
Slavic heritage, with a focus on nature, spirituality, people and the relationship between the
three. He is largely inspired by folklore, the Golden Age of illustration and Ukiyo-e.
He has produced several works depicting common Slavic themes and Polish legends, as well as images from his childhood in Poland. He hopes that they will allow him to share and raise
interest in Polish as well as Slavic culture, which despite being colourful and rich is not
commonly explored.

As an LGBT artist, he also likes to include delicate queer elements into his work as a way to
represent and include the LGBT community in his own heritage and history.
He enjoys working with a variety of media, including gouache, pen and ink, linocut printing and acrylic painting. He enjoys symbolism and focuses on the sense of beauty, wonder and serenity in his works.

For more information about Nikolas and his work visit his; website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Artsy and Artnet.

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Lech Czech Rus

Winner Week 5 - Julie Tanner

Julie Tanner is the 5th winner of PACK & SEND’s Art of the Week. Julie is a self-taught sculptor and graphic designer. During lockdown, Julie found herself with a ‘freaky passion for sculpture’ and started to create sculptures of her own whether they be stone, clay, resin or bronze. She does sculptures for commission and also her own private work too.

This week’s winning piece of art is Julie’s sculpture called ‘Flow’. Flow is a bronze sculpture and is limited to 12 editions. The sculpture was the winner of the Lady Petchey Sculpture Prize.

Flow Face

For more information about Flow and Julie’s other work visit her website – or her Instagram.

Flow Julie Tanner

Winner Week 4 - Ted Harrison

Ted Harrison is this week’s winner of PACK & SEND Art of the Week. Ted is an artist and writer who divides his life between his two homes in Wales and Shetland. Ted has previously presented shows on BBC Radio 4 and has written in many of the major national publications covering a wide range of topics.

This piece of art that Ted has made is of Skaw beach in Shetland. This beach is the northernmost beach in Britain. Ted has painted it in an imagined bird’s-eye view and the paint is mixed with sand, stones and shells from the beach itself.

For more information about Ted and his work visit his website –

Ted Harrison Art of the Week

Winner Week 3 - Jon McRae

This week’s winner of PACK & SEND Art of the Week is Jon McRae. Jon is an urban photographer based in Guildford who prints most of his work onto gloss, matt or brushed aluminium panels. He also has a picture framing business called Otters Pool Studio.

This particular piece is part of his ‘Vertical Existence’ series called ‘Newfoundland’. It is 60 x 90cm, printed directly onto a brushed aluminium panel, and is a limited edition of just 25 copies.


You can see more of Jon’s work on his website – His work can also be found on his Instagram and Facebook.

Jon McRae Newfoundland

Winner Week 2 - George Ryan

The second winner of PACK & SEND Art of the Week is George Ryan. George is an emerging artist in Reading who studied Fine Art at Arts University Bournemouth.

This entry is a 2m x 2m continuous line drawing trying to depict the intricacies of life. His work mainly revolves around mental health and is painted in the form of abstract expressionism. He does also paint murals and make custom canvases and stencils as commission pieces.

You can find out more about George’s work on his Instagram or you can email him at

This is a timelapse of George creating the piece:

George Ryan artwork

Winner Week 1 - Richard Garnham

Our first winner of Art of the Week is Richard Garnham. Richard is an artist from the London area who paints famous musicians and actors/actresses from around the world.

This week’s winning piece of art is of course of the legendary David Bowie. He sadly passed away in 2016 but left a lasting legacy on music and culture.

Richard paints large iconic portraits, like this one of Bowie, of people that he has grown up with either on film or through music. He feels that they always make an impact when people walk into a room and see them.

If you want to see more of Richard’s art it can be seen here – and



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